Abstract Submission

Abstract submission (via Indico) opened on March 23, 2016. 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION VIA INDICO CLOSED ON APRIL 19, 2016 and all notifications have now been sent out.

Late abstracts will be considered for possible poster presentations subject to availble space.  To submit a late abstract, please send email to chairs@chep2016.org explaining why you did not submit your abstract before the deadline.  Please include in your email: Title; Abstract; Keywords; Primary Author/Contact Person; Other Authors.


Submitters of abstracts will be required to select one primary keyword from a list, a draft of which appears below.  Two additional keywords may be selected.  The keywords will be used to aid in the efficient review of abstracts, and in the process of determining the topic and scope of each parallel track at CHEP 2016.

The keywords are intended to aid in the classification of abstracts.  There is no intention to restrict the range of topics. If you have difficulty assigning appropriate keyword(s) from the list below, please send email to chairs@chep2016.org explaining the problem.




Control systems



Data model

Data processing workflows and frameworks/pipelines

Analysis tools


Collaborative tools

Event Generators


Software development process and tools

Artificial Intelligence

Computing models

Computing facilities

Computing middleware


Cloud technologies


High performance computing

Processor architectures

Distributed Workload Management

Distributed Data handling

Accounting and information



Storage systems

Object stores

Network systems and solutions

Security and policies

Preservation of Analysis and Data


Experience/plans from outside experimental HEP/NP

Career and diversity issues