Program Committee

The CHEP 2016 Program Committee (PC) consists of the PC Chairs and the track conveners


Program Committee Chairs

Takanori Hara (KEK),   Oxana Smirnova (LUND),   Jan Stube (PNNL)

The role of the Program Committee chairs is:

Determine the scientific structure of the parallel sessions taking high-level guidance from the IAC and conference chairs.
Work with the IAC and conference chairs on the total conference structure including plenary sessions and speakers.

Propose additional members of the PC to help in abstract selection and parallel session formation and organization.

Organize the review and selection of abstracts, ensuring, as far as possible, a common set of quality and relevance standards.

Propose a track structure for the selected talks and a session organization for selected posters.

Appoint track conveners, where possible from the existing PC membership

Oversee the submission of papers; appoint referees; oversee the use of the IOP system by track conveners, encouraging the submission of amended papers where necessary, and the timely completion of the peer review process.

Tracks and Conveners

Track 1: Online Computing Rainer Schwemmer Gene Van Buren Frank Winklmeier  
Track 2: Offline Computing

David Lange

Debbie Bard John Marshall  
Track 3: Distributed Computing Latchezar Betev Tanya Levshina Weidong Li  
Track 4: Data Handling Wahid Bhimji Patrick Fuhrmann Maria Girone Elizabeth Gallas
Track 5: Software Development Tina Cartaro Alberto Aimar Florian Uhlig  
Track 6: Infrastructures Catherine Biscarat Olof Barring Margaret Votava  
Track 7: Middleware, Monitoring and Accounting Randy Sobie Farida Fassi Jeremy Coles  
Track 8: Security, Policy and Outreach Torre Wenaus David South Hannah Short