Instructions for Oral Presentations

All presentations will be given from dedicated conference-room laptops. It is recommended that .pdf files are used where possible.  The native aspect ratio of the display devices will be 16 x 9.  It is recommended that slides use this aspect ratio.

Presentation of video in .mp4 format is expected to be possible. PLEASE tell if you want to present video.

Presentation from personal devices will not be permitted.

The Indico Agenda will be available for the uploading of talks approximately two weeks before CHEP 2016.

Please upload to the Indico agenda by Monday October 3 (one week before CHEP 2016):

  • a DRAFT version of your talk
  • one or two slides giving the key message (highlights) of your presentation 

This will:

  • confirm your intention to make the presentation
  • test your ability to upload
  • allow a check for font or other compatibility issues
  • give those preparing track highlights time to ensure that Posters and Orals are given full consideration. 

The filenames for your talk and highlights should be Oral-999.pdf and Highlights-999.pdf  where 999 is the abstract ID.

In the absence of any upload, our default assumption will be that your contribution has been withdrawn.

You may improve/replace the uploaded talk and highlights before CHEP. Please upload the final copy of your presentation to the Indico Agenda:

  •        By 18:00 on the previous day for morning presentations
  •        By 08:00 on the day for afternoon presentations

Parallel time slots are 15 minutes.  Please prepare a 10-minute talk to allow time for questions and speaker changeover.   

Plenary time slots are of various lengths.  Please leave at least five minutes for questions and speaker changeover.